BRONZE: Beginner Level

Build a great foundational tan!

  • 20 minute maximum exposure time 

  • Lower intensity

  • Excellent Radio

  • Stimulates melanin production

SILVER: Intermediate Level

Take your foundation tan to the next level! 

  • 15 minute maximum exposure time 

  • Darkens skin in a shorter amount of time

  • Premium cooling system

  • Facial tanner

  • High intensity

GOLD: Advanced Level

Deepen your tan!

  • 12 minute maximum exposure time 

  • Deeper and long lasting tan

  • Premium cooling system

  • Facial tanner

  • High intensity

PLATINUM: Master Level

Maximum bronzing in the least amount of time!10 minute maximum exposure time 

  • Minimum exposure, maximum bronzing

  • Superior bronzing

  • Longest lasting tan

  • Aromatherapy

  • Premium sound and cooling system

  • Voice guide and audio device player

  • Facial and shoulder tanners

  • High intensity


Spray Tans will be available by appointments 

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