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Don't rush your tan!
Slowly and gradually increase your tanning time for a healthy glow!

NEVER tan dry! Dry skin actually reflects the UV rays, meaning it will slow down your tanning process. The key is to keep your skin moisturized with a good tanning lotion so your skin starts absorbing the light 30 seconds after you start your session!

Don't shower right after tanning; your skin is still tanning hours after your session ends, especially if you use a bronzing lotion. Allow your tan to set in and wait at least 3 hours to shower. When you shower, always use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated!

Don't leave your tanning lotion in your car! If it gets too cold, the ingredients in your lotion will break down and separate, losing it's ability to protect and enhance your tan!

We all know lotion is 60% of your tan. So, try switching up your tanning lotion! Your skin can get used to a lotion after a period of time. This is usually when your skin has hit a "tanning plateau" which is where you feel like you're not getting any darker. Try mixing things up with a new lotion!

Ready to turn up your tan?! We always recommend trying a COCKTAIL TAN - a tanning bed session followed immediately with a spray tan! It's booze-free but still so delicious! The tanning bed session triggers your melanin production and opens up your pores, then the spray tan more evenly penetrates your skin. 

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